The Dolphin With Tap Tails

Dolphin Tap Dance Trail

"Get ready to ride the wave of Florida’s Rhythm on the Rhythm Dolphin Tap Dance Trail”

Kayla Cowart, The Tap Girl of Florida wants to create quite a buzz in the Tampa Bay Area with her Dolphin “Rhythm” - the newest edition to Pinellas County, St. Petersburg-Clearwater Dolphin Trail and the official mascot of the Florida Tap Dance Project. Clearwater has always been an incredible location for dolphin watching. It is the place to meet America’s most famous dolphin, the dolphin with no tail, Winter. And now it is also the place to encounter Rhythm, the dolphin with tap tails. On the Rhythm Dolphin Tap Trail you will discover one of St. Petersburg-Clearwater most hidden treasure, its unique tap dance community.

The first sculpture will be unveiled during the Florida Tap Dance Project’s Ribbon Cutting and housed at Patricia Ann Dance Studios in honor of the late Ms. Elaine Forestier, who served as the Godmother of Florida’s Rhythm and is the inspiration of the Florida Tap Dance Project.

Rhythm sports a sleek and slim tuxedo with fitted tap shoes for a subtle twist to his dolphin tale. The sculpture weighs 500 pounds and is powder coated to protect it from the sun, sand and surf. The Tap  Girl of Florida has plans to create a Dolphin Tap Trail throughout St. Petersburg-Clearwater to raise awareness for the community’s tap dance culture and invite audiences to follow Rhythm’s Dolphin Trail in support of The Florida Tap Dance Project. 

Kayla’s goal is to someday transport the Pod of Dolphins seen on the Rhythm Tap Trail to the Halls of the Capitol Theatre and the white sands of St. Petersburg-Clearwater Beach during the City of Clearwater’s First Annual RHYTHM WAVE TAP FESTIVAL.


About The Artist

Our Artist is Robert Daltry of Rabbit Enterprises. Robert is a self employed artist and degreed illustrator working in various mixed mediums. He specializes in airbrush painting and is a well sought after artist for Clearwater’s Dolphin Trail.

About the Dolphin Trail

Clearwater's Dolphin Trail is a unique artistic initiative featuring a growing pod of more than 120 6-feet tall fiberglass dolphins, each individually designed by a local artist and sponsored by an area business. St. Petersburg-Clearwater tourist and locals alike, keep their eyes peeled in search of the colorful 6-foot tall dolphins along the acclaimed Dolphin Trail. The public art pod is made up of more than 160 dolphins, all designed using such elements as glass, ceramic, fiber art and decoupage.