The Performers & Dance Companies

The Performers & Dance Companies

You can support our local talents’ efforts to enhance the culture of our community and bring the mythos and magic of tap dance to the Tampa Bay Area. These local tap dance ensembles preserve and promote the rich tradition of this art form that has influenced and inspired so many to reach for the stars. Tap dancing is characterized by spunk, energy and originality, traits displayed by many famous tap dancers throughout history and also by our Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida. Each one of our entertainers has their own unique style of tap and they are joined on stage by some of the top tap dance performers and talent in the Tampa Bay Area in these local tap dance ensembles.

Tap Girl of Florida

Although Kayla Cowart became a dancer at an early age, it wasn’t until her late teens that she began to appreciate the industry and how the genre of tap dance was a natural fit for her rhythm.

Tap Girl of Florida

It was those experiences, coupled with Kayla’s fancy for house, trap and underground music that resulted in her unique tap style and contemporary artistry. A 21st Century dancer and choreographer, Kayla contributes her amazing taps to both pop culture music and inner city dance styles. Just like her tap performances her choreography exhibits a new age freshness that can be characterized by its urban flair. Kayla has established her own and unique Southern street style for tap dancing. Her performances are notable for her unique DJ directed pop music, rhythmic patter, originality and creativity.

Drawn to underground music like rap and dancehall, Kayla uses the cultural phenomenon of trap and house music to differentiate her tap dance style and choreography services from others. Trap music is a music genre that originated in the early 1990s in the Southern United States, and house music is a style of electronic dance music that was developed by dance club DJs in Chicago that were influenced by early to mid-1970s dance music. Both sounds are starting to gain quite a bit of momentum in mainstream music clubs through the ever growing sub-genres of dance culture. However, they have always been a part of the cutting edge and high energy performances that characterizes the Tap Girl of Florida’s stage presence and Kayla’s own unique style.

Tapped In

Founded in 2008, under the direction of Morgan Angelillis Storrison, Tapped In is Tampa Bay's premier young adult tap dance performance ensemble.  Its members consists of Intermediate/Advanced level tap dancers, male and female, ages 16-35, with a passion for tap dance. Tapped In prides itself on strong technique, musicality, improvisational skills and a love for tap dance. Since 2008 Tapped In has been entertaining audiences and communities across the Tampa Bay area.


Tapped In’s mission is to invest in the education of young talented tap dancers and offer them the opportunity to perform, to exhibit and enlighten the widest audience possible with its exclusive tap dance repertoire. By creating new works of the highest quality and creativity, Tapped In consistently contributes to the preservation and advancement of the treasured American art form of tap dance.

Some of our performances include:

  • Holiday Lights in the Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo
  • Repeal Day Gala, Ybor City
  • Festival of Trees, Clearwater
  • Art Slam, Bradenton
  • Sarasota Chalk Festival, Sarasota

Truth Tap Company

Truth Tap Company is an elite tap dance group who performs around the Tampa Bay Area. The Company dances out of St. Petersburg in Jeanne Lynn Dance Studio. The young adult Tap Company was founded by Ruth Ann Martin in September of 2014 and the members ages range from 13-19 years old. Ruth, age 22, operates the company as a high energy troupe whose performances consists of intricate tap sounds, with quick footwork and engaging tap tricks. A young and vibrant company its style and pop vernacular is best characterized as a contemporary fusion of rhythm or rhythmical variation that is audible and musical. Each member of the Truth Tap Company dances with great proficiencies. It is in this way that the Company also becomes percussive musicians while tapping by syncopation and improvisation.


Rhythm & Sole

Rhythm & Sole is Tampa Bay Taps’ resident performing tap company. Rhythm & Sole was created to give dancers who love tap the opportunity to perform for audiences and share their talent outside of a recital and competitive setting. Since Rhythm & Sole was founded the tap ensemble has danced from Clearwater, Florida to New York City.

Rhythm & Sole is a family that shares a passion for all aspects of American Tap. The tap dancers highly value tap history, alongside impressive technique. Rhythm & Sole’s signature style is to pass along tap traditions as the company mesmerize audiences with their footwork. Rhythm & Sole has created unique musical compositions using gumboots and bucket drumming to name a couple.